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ADA Accessibility

SaviBank is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to our goods and services, including those offered through our website. We endeavor to ensure that all content published to for public use, conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.1, Levels A and AA, a set of guidelines developed by the World Wide Web Consortium.

We recommend using the most current versions of the computer-based assistive technology applications and browsers. There are easy-to-use controls for adjusting the size and colors of content on a web page. There are no ideal content size or color combinations for all users. By using the controls provided by your browser, you can personalize the content presentation to suit your needs. Keeping your browsers up-to-date will ensure that you have the most options for accessibility. Newer browsers tend to provide more display options to make content accessible and may work better with assistive technologies.

We do not provide assistive technology applications or browsers. Please visit the individual manufacturer site for information about how to obtain them. You also may have access to assistance from local and state agencies or non-profit groups in your area.

At this time we are not aware of any known limitations that would preclude anyone from accessing our goods and services offered through our website. Our website has been tested on the following browsers without any issue: Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge.

Due to security issues and vulnerability to attack, no older browsers are supported.

If you have difficulty using or accessing any element of this website, any SaviBank mobile app or tool; please feel free to call 360.755.6607 or send us an email at We will work with you to provide the information or item(s) you seek through a communication method that is accessible for you (example – communication through telephone support).

SaviBank welcomes and encourages feedback to collaborate and provide input in future initiatives for accessibility of this website or our other technologies. Anyone who wants to contact SaviBank to discuss the manner in which we provide goods and services to people with disabilities, has questions about our Accessibility Standards or has concerns, can contact SaviBank by phone, email, or in writing.